6 ways not be a Grinch during the holidays

How to keep your holiday cheer and be happy and healthy during the holidays.


setting your intentions

  • who do you intend on being with ?

  • where do you intend to be ?

  • how do you intend to feel ?

  • how much Money do you intend to spend ?

Eat well

  • fruits

  • veggies

  • water

  • desserts

  • comfort food

Rest well

  • take a nap

  • get 8 hours of sleep

  • get up early

be kind

  • be Kind to others so that good energy can return to you

  • be kind to yourself

  • speak kind words to yourself

  • think kind thoughts


  • stretch

  • exercise

  • breath work


  • drink water

  • have warm tea or coffee

  • eat cucumber and watermelon

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