journaling for mindful manifesting.

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Journaling can be a very powerful tool in the manifesting toolbox. self-help, self love , self-actualization require mindfulness and the power of the written word is very strong.


Writing can empower you. Whether it’s reducing stress, changing your level of happiness or increasing your knowledge and self-awareness, writing ultimately changes your mind, and that in turn changes your life. If nothing else, writing will remind you that it’s you, and no one else, who is author of your story, the master of your fate and the captain of your soul.


Journaling your thoughts and feeling in the present or reflectively can raise your awareness or self actualization.

Writing to reduce stress

writing is a way to destress. This can take the form of a journal, free writing, song writing, but there are a number of reasons why writing can help reduce stress. One of the main problems with thoughts and worries are that they are generally unformed and seem much larger when they’re in our minds. Writing them down helps to shrink them to a point where they are life-sized and manageable. It facilitates problem-solving by allowing you to state very clearly what your problems are, and once seen on paper allows you to confront it in a much more tangible way.

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